Digital Communication

We build the storytelling paths of companies on digital media.

Owned digital channels are a primary asset for building a company's reputation. We start by analyzing the context, we compare with best practices, and propose the best solution for communicating through digital media.

What we do

  • Consulting and project management for digital projects

    We offer extensive consulting on all aspects involving digital media. We entirely manage the project or rely on the best technical partner's support, chosen by us as needed, and coordinated at different stages of work.

  • Comprehensive management of strategies on proprietary and non-proprietary digital channels

    Starting from companies' content, we are able to build tailor-made communication projects: from strategy definition to day-to-day operational management.

  • Complete digital training

    We provide direct consulting and training through dedicated sessions or coaching sessions to corporate positions who need to manage digital communication internally or need more skills to better understand the means and coordinate independently with their partners.

Main tools

Social Media Management

Monitoring the internet from a digital reputation perspective

Content Management

Analysis and reporting

Front-line and white collar training

Corporate blogs and newsletter

Video production

Contact our team
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