We help companies to define and implement communication strategies to tell the value of their sustainability efforts.

We see sustainability as a fundamental part of corporate reputation. That is why we have developed #CallToSustainability, an innovative, multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach to accompany companies on their sustainability journey with an integrated view to communication, through storytelling that guides the understanding of commitments and results, starting from the listener's interests.


A new sustainability communication model

#CallToSustainability is a project that, thanks to the integration of the expertise of iCorporate, The Visual Agency and Dalk, proposes an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to create highly integrated sustainability communication platforms, capable of speaking synergistically to different stakeholders, using all the tools belonging to our areas of intervention: media relations & digital communication, information design, content factory.

What we do

  • What we do

    We are advisors in defining sustainability communication strategies and identifying actions to support communication.

  • Media relations

    With media relations, we enhance companies' distinctive approach and the story angles needed for sustainability efforts to have a real and positive impact by giving them visibility on the media.

  • Digital Communications

    We create vertical communication plans for owned social media channels to communicate the sustainability strategy: from benchmark analysis, to defining the visual mood and tone of voice, to the best storytelling to tell the company's commitment.

  • Comunicazione interna

    We design internal communication plans aimed at creating shared culture, aligning on sustainability goals, strengthening a sense of belonging, and creating engagement.

  • Stakeholder engagement & management

    We carry out relationship and engagement plans for relevant stakeholders.

  • Contenuti

    We develop content to create knowledge, awareness and culture on sustainability issues through an informational approach targeting internal and external stakeholders.

  • Rendicontazione della sostenibilità

    We provide comprehensive support to companies in the design and development of their sustainability reporting (sustainability reports, non-financial statements, integrated financial statements), also using specialized partners.

  • Information design

    In cooperation with our partner The Visual Agency, we use information design to facilitate the communication of complex concepts through data visualisation techniques, creating visual reports that are then translated into interactive web or social media content.

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