Issue & Crisis management

We defend reputation before, during and after critical events that threaten our clients' business continuity.

We support companies in managing events that require immediate action to avoid a potential negative impact on the Company or its stakeholders, irreparably compromising its reputation.

What we do

  • Consulting

    We are communications advisors for the preparation and management of issues & crises that can compromise corporate reputation.

  • Assessment

    We undertake media impact assessment of the crisis. We measure the level of potential risk in terms of communication based on materials provided by risk management, with whom we work closely to assess areas of risk and potential media fallout.

  • Issue & crisis processes and procedures definitions

    We identify internal communication flows to be activated in case of issue&crisis, summarized in a crisis manual.

  • Internal training to manage activites and roles in case of crisis

    Top management and key figures in the company are involved in this phase. By simulating crisis practices, roles, activities, and materials useful for managing the critical event are defined.

  • Media relations

    We have an established method for preparing our clients for issue&crisis management. In the event of a crisis outbreak, we take action to limit and minimize its impact in the media, interacting with all stakeholders involved as needed.

Main tools
Crisis Playbook
Corporate statement
Media Q&A
Media monitoring
Press statement
Social media monitoring and moderation
Contact our team
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