Digital communication

Gruppo Unipol is one of the leading insurance groups in Europe and the Italian leader in non-life insurance, listed on the Italian Stock Exchange. Unipol adopts an integrated offering strategy and covers the full range of insurance and financial products, operating mainly through its subsidiary UnipolSai Assicurazioni.

Company needs
The collaboration with iCorporate came after the merger with Fondiaria Sai: a moment of crucial evolution for the Group in which it became necessary to support and promote the new positioning in the digital and social media sphere, in coherence with traditional communication activities.
For Unipol iCorporate was responsible for the definition and launch of all the channels now part of the corporate Group's social ecosystem: LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, up to TikTok, open to bring the younger target even closer and which represents a real case history in the insurance industry.

For all corporate Group channels, we manage the entire social ecosystem, including live coverage at events, social advertising, digital PR, production of video columns with top managers.

  • More than 10.500 Group social media posts published over the years
Other projects
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