Internal Communication

We help build and manage communication flows to the company's internal stakeholders.

Starting by listening to managers and employees and carefully analyzing needs and requirements, we support companies in identifying their internal communication process, focusing on the three main stages: information (to create virtuous communication flows), engagement (to provide the tools for active listening) and participation (to generate real internal brand ambassadors).

What we do

  • Consulting

    We offer comprehensive consulting to identify the most appropriate internal communication needs, tools and strategies for building a new corporate culture.

  • Internal assessment

    Through listening to top managers and employees, we highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company, help outline the vision, mission, values and cornerstones of the corporate culture underlying the internal communication strategy and aimed at defining a distinctive brand identity.

  • Top management/managers communication training

    We help top management communicate effectively with all internal stakeholders to convey the distinctive elements of corporate culture in the best possible way.

  • Employer Branding

    We collaborate in defining the Employer Branding strategy in order to consolidate corporate reputation and help the company retain internal talent and become a place of attraction for external talent.

  • Employer Value Proposition

    We take care of the entire process of defining the Employer Value Proposition, which is the set of values a company offers to candidates and employees: from internal assessment, to defining values and storytelling.

Main tools

Internal communication plan

Corporate newsletters

House organ


Training workshops

Video strategy for internal communication

Focus Group


Contact our team
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