Media relations

We weave relationships between media, stakeholders, and companies.

To maintain and consolidate the reputation and business of our clients, we define strategies, actions, and targets to communicate effectively to traditional and digital media. Quality content is at the heart of what we do, which is achieved through solid media relationships based on relevant story angles.

What we do

  • Consulting

    We provide our clients with comprehensive consulting services for effective media relations management. For us, the first phase of work is the study and assessment of the client, which is followed by the development of a tailor-made strategy to position companies in the most correct and effective way on the media.

  • Corporate Media relations

    Through corporate media relations we communicate values, tell projects and stories, consolidate corporate image, and help managers and companies to position themselves correctly in the media landscape.

  • Financial Media Relations

    With financial communication, we enhance the equity story of listed companies among the target communities, telling business models, business results, economic/financial performance, growth prospects and vision. We also support operating companies in the banking, insurance and finance sectors, as well as advise companies on extraordinary finance transactions, such as IPOs and M&A.

  • Legal media relations

    In the case of legal issues, we support companies, startups, organizations, and managers in defining their positioning and in communicating properly and timely to the media.

  • Media relation for crisis and issue preparadness & management

    We have an established method for preparing our clients for issue&crisis management. In the event of a crisis outbreak, we take action to limit and minimize its impact in the media, interacting with all stakeholders involved as needed.

  • Media Relations to communicate the sustainability

    With media relations, we enhance companies' distinctive approach and the story angles necessary for sustainability efforts to have a real and positive impact by giving them visibility on the media.

Main tools

Corporate Storytelling

Media Training

Integrated communication plans

Speaking opportunities

Events and press conferences

Trends monitoring

Media partnership

Branded content

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