Media relations

Unieuro is the leading distributor of consumer electronics and household appliances in Italy, with revenues in the fiscal year ending Feb. 28, 2022 of more than 2.9 billion euros. It is listed on the stock exchange on the STAR segment. Led by CEO Giancarlo Nicosanti Monterastelli, the company is headquartered in Forlì, has a central logistics platform in Piacenza, and has a staff of about 5,800. Unieuro has an omnichannel approach that integrates direct stores (about 280), affiliate stores (about 260) and digital platform, as well as digital pure player Monclick.

Company needs
iCorporate has been working alongside the company for several years, first as communication advisor for the listing on the stock exchange process, then to manage corporate and financial communication, as well as the sustainability plan, on an ongoing basis.
The work carried out through media relations is aimed at building the reputation of the consumer electronics and household appliances leading distributor of in Italy and positioning the management team as an opinion leader on issues related to retail, innovation and omnichannelality. We also actively manage the communication related to sustainability and the Non-financial Statement.
  • More than 130 corporate and financial press realease
  • 30 financial alterts managed
Other projects
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